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Truck Mounted Forklift

The New TruckTransformer works like a forklift attached to your truck. Fork system self aligns with truck body for fast and easy loading. Now One Transferable Underbody Adapter allows you to back under and load various truck bodies, machinery, equipment, containers and more.
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Build $200 Decks

New to TruckTransformer is the ability to make your own decks! Decks can be made from wood or any other material.

The TruckTransformer system was put through a real test and abuse in the construction field and is working flawlessly.

The system performed exceptionally well and due to the simplistic operation and maintenance, we did not have to have special training for the staff using it.

After using the system for a short time, we quickly realized that the cost of the system was paid back within about a year.

I bought my first TruckTransformer in July 2007 and now have five deck configurations.

The ability to leave our bins and containers in one place and go move another has made these units invaluable to our operation.

We were using it so much that summer of 2010 saw the addition of our second truck with the Transformer system.

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TruckTransformer Sequence 2
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Welcome To TruckTransformer

What Is It?

The TruckTransformer is an innovative patent pending truck body swapping system from Simpson Innovations. The system is designed for medium-duty work trucks and allows you to easily swap between detachable truck bodies, load equipment, containers and more. It works like a forklift attached to your truck. New Fork System self aligns with truck body for fast and easy loading. Total truck body exchange takes less than ten minutes!

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Streamline Your Production

One Truck can now perform the functions of several trucks without the added cost of insurance and maintenance, etc. One Truck does it all!

One Person can safely and simply load and unload a variety of truck bodies resulting in a highly efficient, cost-effective vehicle.

One TruckTransformer equipped vehicle can function as a flat-deck, cube van, hybrid motor home and more, giving you much more than just basic transportation. Now you can customize your truck depending on the job or application in just minutes!

Click on About Us to read more about Simpson Innovations and the history of the TruckTransformer Body Swapping System.

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