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The TruckTransformer is a lightweight truck body swapping system designed and patented by Simpson Innovations. Simpson Innovations is a Canadian owned and operated company located in Penticton, British Columbia. Our office hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Feel free to browse our website and see how the TruckTransformer system can transform your truck.

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Dana Simpson, President of Simpson Innovations, explains how he came up with the idea. “I had a ¾-ton pickup truck and required a heavier 1 ton truck for hauling water to my home just outside of Penticton. I also had a 22-foot Class C motorhome with a one-ton chassis and due to sitting, the maintenance each spring was heavy and operating costs (brake cylinder replacement, brake cylinder oil contaminated brake shoes, weeping engine seals, universal joints, poor fuel mileage ).

I wanted to buy a diesel truck but the millage I put on the pickup was not high enough to merit the extra cost and the same applied to the Motorhome. I soon realized if I used the same chassis for both the pickup and the RV the millage would merit the diesel and I would eliminate the costly spring maintenance and lower the operating costs on both the motorhome and pickup but at the same time eliminating insurance on one vehicle, plus cutting general maintenance costs from both vehicles to one. In addition it would cut depreciation and replacement costs to about half. I discovered that one vehicle could be made to do both jobs.

I set out and bought a diesel 1 ton and my sons and I began research and developing the system for myself. After completing the prototype we set out to market and attended over twenty trade shows in the following year and half, discussing with our buyers and prospective buyers the improvements they would like to see. We reviewed and updated the system to include all the requirements that were placed forward and we are now including the upgraded options in our product. The new updated version of the TruckTransformer was completed this summer.

This is the most diverse system for trucks built to date. Once studying the Truck Transformer you will agree as I do, why would anyone not pay for a system “once” that would cut their yearly truck costs to half as well as save time on all the tasks made possible with the TruckTransformer.

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Dana Simpson

Dana Simpson - President