Building Contractors

As a Building Contractor the use of the truck transformer system is wide spread increasing profits every day whether or not you are exchanging or moving loads and truck bodies. Now you as a building contractor can easily build your own wood truck bodies cost effectively out of wood. This greatly reduces costs as base units can be made for as little as $200! Build your own flat decks, gravel dumps and refuse bins to allow your TruckTransformer equipped vehicle to transform your truck into more than just basic transportation.

Loading and offloading tools and equipment into the back of your truck is time consuming, not to mention forgetting an important tool can be costly. By having your truck body preloaded with all your tools and equipment you can simply swap truck bodies for a specific application, or switch to a recreational body for the weekends. Increase daily profits by eliminating the monthly rentals fees on job site lock ups, portable toilets and refuse bins by handling all of these yourself. Now you control the movement of all of these units and do not need to rely on other companies to get the job done.


  1. Fast relocation of tools equipment and materials from one job site to another.
  2. Increase productivity by reducing driver downtime.
  3. Quickly and safely offload heavy tools and equipment.
  4. Eliminates double handling of tools, equipment and materials.
  5. Greatly reduce costs by having one truck and one driver to move equipment, pick up materials, job site waste and more.

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