The TruckTransformer system is perfect for shipping and transporting goods and materials. The truck body can be spotted and left for loading and can be scheduled for a convenient pickup. This can significantly reduce driver downtime. Increase productivity by having one truck deliver goods while the second body is being reloaded. This results in fewer vehicles to purchase, maintain and insure.

Depending on what is being transported determines what type of body is required. Now one truck can load and offload a variety of truck bodies based on the goods and materials that are being transported. For example a flatbed can be used when picking up long pipe, heavy equipment, etc. A van body can be used when transporting paper, electronics etc. A refrigerated van body can be used for produce or perishable goods.

More Than A Tilt Deck

The TruckTransformer gives you the increased diversity to meet the changing daily demand of customers without the need to purchase additional trucks.

Lower heavy loads and equipment to ground level to be easily offloaded without the use of long and steep ramps. A separate winch system can be incorporated on the deck, or the existing TruckTransformer drive system can be utilized for pulling a vehicle or other equipment onto the truck deck.
Existing cab and chassis trucks as well as used truck bodies can be retrofitted with the TruckTransformer system.