Refuse Bin

Refuse Bin
Refuse Bin
Refuse Bin

Control Your Own Job Site Waste

The TruckTransformer system makes it easy to store, transport and dump all your job site waste. It eliminates the need to rent containers and gives you the control of when and where your waste is transported.


Store all your job site waste such as wood, dirt, garbage and more! With the TruckTransformer you have the convenience of easily unloading your own refuse containers when and where you need them most.

Keep your jobsite clean and save money by eliminating rental fees and double handling of waste and materials. Switch truck bodies and use your truck to pick up equipment and more while your containers are in use.


Transport your jobsite waste at your convenience without having to rely on another company. When you’re ready to transport, simply offload your current truck deck and load fully loaded containers directly on your truck in minutes!


With the TruckTransformer, dumping is made easy with the Gravity Dump System. It utilizes the weight of the truck body combined with gravity to naturally dump up to 45 degrees without the need for large and expensive hydraulics! An external hydraulic cylinder can be added on larger trucks to increase dumping action.

Now with the ability to build your own wood decks, you can build a wood refuse bin cost effectively for under $650. We also provide steel refuse bins at an affordable price. Contact us today for more information.