Fire Department Pod Unit

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Fire departments can use the TruckTransformer system as a cost saving measure and to improve efficiency. Special Pod Units can be stored with specialized equipment to meet specific situations. Pod units can be outfitted prior to deployment and transported with the TruckTransformer to leave at emergency scenes.

One truck and one truck driver can easily load and unload these units freeing up extra firefighters for more pressing matters. Pod units can later be retrieved and stored ready for deployment.

The TruckTransformer system can also be used for transporting equipment such as bulldozers, bobcats, mini excavators, ATV units and more to fight forest fires or access remote areas.

Now one truck and one TruckTransformer can be used to transport specific tools and equipment for unique scenarios. Pod Units could include:

  • Forest Fire Units
  • Chemical Fire Units
  • Auxiliary Lighting Units
  • Hazardous Material Response Units
  • Command Post and Communications Units